Design and Show

From the secrets and impressions you’ve seen, the Vivo S18 appears to flaunt a smooth and refined design. At the point when I got it as a client, the 120Hz OLED show is 6.81 inches and offers dynamic visuals. The design is nearly bezel-less. It has a little poked hole. This makes a modern and vivid review experience. The unseen details are the main problem, and I feel the subtleties of this device’s design each time I use it.

The brush subtleties on the back glass of the device are also very noteworthy. An alternate blaze design is also here. At the point when we turn on the glimmer, an extremely decent visual is made. Utilizing the telephone’s blaze makes a genuine stylish commitment to the telephone. Coincidentally, this glimmer utilizes two tones, yellow and white.

Vivo S18
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On the chip, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset conveys great performance. The octa-center design, with a mix of Cortex A715, A510 and A710 centers, recommends an amicable mix of force and productivity. The expansion of 16GB of Smash is gladly received. I’m feeling the way in which it improves performing multiple tasks and performance in years.

The Snapdragon 7 series processors will give long stretches of difficulty free use. Today, cell phones with Snapdragon 732 series processors are as yet being sold. Envision the life span of Snapdragon 7 Gen 3.

Camera assumptions

Vivo S18
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A triple camera arrangement on the back, drove by a 50MP essential focal point, provoked my curiosity. The 8 MP ultra wide point focal point guarantees a flexible photography experience. The selfie camera is areas of strength for also a 50 MP front camera with double front blaze. I love catching minutes in a hurry. The camera specs are captivating.

Having a Snapdragon processor offers a superior photography experience thanks to a greater ISP. And furthermore, this 50MP fundamental camera upholds a decent OIS, so that shaking in the photographs taken doesn’t adversely influence the photograph. This was a normal element in a cell phone for made photography.

Battery life

One of the main perspectives for any cell phone client is battery life. The Vivo S18’s 5000 mAh battery combined with a guaranteed 13.5 long periods of utilization is great on paper. Assuming that Vivo follows through on this commitment, it could incredibly decrease the tension of re-energizing. The 4-year free battery substitution administration is a special reward. It adds security.

Vivo S18
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Network and Interactive media

With 5G help, the Vivo S18 positions itself at the front of availability. The incorporation of a USB Type-C port is a welcome present day touch. I’m eager to perceive how the interactive media perspectives will improve the client experience. This incorporates the sound quality through the USB Type-C port.

Security and extra contacts

Security is fundamental, and the in-screen unique finger impression sensor adds a layer of comfort. A device with different sensors like accelerometer, vicinity, spinner and compass. It proposes knowledge as well as instinct in the device. The commitment of quick charging proposes a pledge to improving the client’s time.

Vivo S18
Image Credit : vopmart
Professionals Performance:

Fueled by the Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset, the device conveys heavenly performance, offering an amicable mix of force and productivity.

A lot of Slam:

With 16GB of Smash, the device improves performing various tasks capacities and guarantees a smooth and responsive client experience.

Camera framework:

The triple camera arrangement with a 50 MP essential focal point and a 8 MP ultra wide point focal point guarantees flexible and excellent photography experiences. The 50 MP forward looking camera upgrades selfie-taking abilities, taking care of clients who appreciate catching minutes in a hurry.

Front spotlight:

Vivo S18 accompanies double front electric lamps.

Battery life:

The 5000 mAh battery, combined with a guaranteed 13.5 long stretches of use, offers noteworthy battery life, diminishing the requirement for successive charging. The 4-year free battery substitution administration adds worth and inward feeling of harmony for clients.

Cons Worldwide accessibility:

We’re expecting worldwide accessibility, however assuming that it’s restricted to specific locales, it could restrict far and wide reception.

USB Type-C sound quality:

The energy about mixed media and sound quality through the USB Type-C port remaining parts speculative until true testing.

Vivo S18
Image Credit : vopmart


The Vivo S18 is awesome among financial plan cell phones. It is prepared to enter the serious cell phone market. The mix of design, performance, camera abilities and client driven highlights is captivating. In the event that this cell phone is sold around the world, it could break deals records. I trust Vivo meets and surpasses the assumptions for cell phone clients.

Pricing and availability

vivo S18 12GB+256GB –  (USD 364
vivo S18 16GB+512GB –  (USD 420