Samsung Galaxy  Back and side profile of S23 FE
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy


  • Dimensions: 158 x 76.5 x 8.2mm
  • Weight: 209g
  •  Display: 6.4″ OLED; 1500 nit top brightness
  •  Resolution: 1080 x 2340 pixels
  •  Refresh rate: 120Hz
  •  Computer chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  •  Smash: 8GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • OS: Android 14
  • Back cameras: 50MP wide; 12MP super wide; 8MP 3x zoom
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
  • Charging: 25W
  • Colors: Mint, Graphite, Cream, Purple


With regards to design, the Galaxy S23 FE especially sings from the same psalm sheet as its siblings, especially the base S23. At its center, this telephone is supremely minimalistic without losing Samsung’s sleek design features. The edges are adjusted similar as the S23, yet the rest of this handset is very stout in comparison. The bezels around the S23 FE’s screen are thicker than those surrounding the displays on other S23 devices, as is the brushed metal edge around the handset itself.

The advantage of this thicker design is that the S23 FE feels very sturdy in the hand. Holding it, you get the sense that regardless of whether you were to drop it all of a sudden, it could withstand any serious harm (normally, a case will also assist with this). The S23 FE is also weighty, tipping the scales at 209g and surpassing that of the S23 Plus. This handset isn’t inconvenient, however; it carries some weight and haul, yet the adjusted edges ensure that holding the S23 FE is an agreeable encounter.

Added durability with aluminium frame and gorilla glass 5
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

This sturdiness makes the S23 FE an optimal decision of telephone for kids and teenagers; perhaps you’re getting them their first telephone, and you need one that can survive a tumble. The S23 FE’s intrinsic sturdy design, joined with Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, shape it into a top smartphone choice.

With regards to style, the Galaxy S23 FE excels with some of the most dynamic variety choices in ongoing memory. Samsung dialed up the saturation this time around, resulting in colors that pop from each point. The Purple specifically is less lavender, more Spyros the Winged serpent in energy, and the Mint choice is a soft green that glimmers thanks to the back board’s glossy finish.


A key selling point of the Galaxy S23 FE is its lower price tag contrasted with different members of the S23 family, however not to the detriment of strong tech in the engine. Its display is a great representation of this philosophy, impressing us with an elevated degree of sharpness and detail.

 Samsung Galaxy  6.4-inch OLED display
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

Corner-to-corner this screen measures at 6.4″, just 0.2″ less than the S23 Plus. The board itself is a wonderful and rich OLED, so you can hope to see itemized images and videos with impressive lucidity. A maximum refresh pace of 120Hz is one more gem in the crown; while running at this 120Hz refresh rate, the Galaxy S23 FE feels silky-smooth while scrolling or watching videos at higher resolutions. The clincher is HDR10+ support, which provides much more prominent variety and contrast levels than standard HDR.

The Galaxy S23 FE’s liveliness is boosted by a 1500 nit top brightness. This doesn’t exactly match the levels possible on the base S23 or S23 Plus – maximizing at 1750 nits each – however it’s more than enough brightness to see the screen in vigorously enlightened settings easily.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Range with sizing
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

The above contributes to the S23 FE’s all’s position as the ‘best of the rest’ handset in the S23 range, placing it in contacting distance of its better quality siblings whilst being more financial plan well disposed.


In the motor room of the Galaxy S23 FE is Samsung’s exclusive Exons 2200 chipset (S23 FEs in the US are controlled by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip). This is a significant aid for the S23 FE, as the Exons 2200 chip is a powerfully competent processor; games like Vital mission at hand Portable run as expected with negligible slack, and switching apps is a breeze.

Gaming on  Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

Getting this sort of exhibition from the Galaxy S23 FE in its cost range is superb. Yet it doesn’t stop at the processor. Supporting the Exynos 2200 is 8GB Smash. Which boosts processing speeds by taking some of the responsibility off the central processor. The result is an exceptionally proficient motor at the core of the S23 FE, and a top smartphone for any gamers out there.

Individuals less interested in gaming will also profit from the S23 FE’s processing power. It’s unbelievably easy to hop between files with minimal in the method of slowdown. If you have any desire to transform the S23 FE into a PC through DeX Mode, you can do as such easily.

Software and features

As you can see, we left away impressed by the exhibition chops on the Galaxy S23 FE. While looking into the software under the shiny outside, we tracked down similar levels of execution; step forward Android 14 and Samsung’s OneUI 6.

Android 14 Software
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

Google’s fourteenth cycle of its working system leans intensely on customization. Giving more than adequate ways to shape it around your personality and style. This includes simulated intelligence created wallpapers, monochrome themes.  More ways to customize your S23 FE’s lock screen. Updates to OneUI 6 – the connection point that overlays each menu on the Galaxy S23 FE – upgrade.  What is as of now a user-accommodating encounter. Normally used buttons like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been moved to the highest point of the Fast Board for easy access, and notifications can be sorted by when you got them, not just by need.

Start to finish the UI on the Galaxy S23 FE is a delight to use, refined over the long run from previous versions to make a sleek, responsive point of interaction.


Similarly to the next key areas we’ve featured. The camera exhibit on the Galaxy S23 FE is exceptionally impressive at this cost section. These cameras all alone are phenomenal. Yet considering that the S23 FE was not designed as the superior choice in its range, getting cameras like these for a snip of the cost is outstanding.

 Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Rear Camera
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

On the back of the telephone you have a 50MP wide camera, a 12MP super wide lens, and a 8MP 3x zoom camera. For taking selfies there is also a 10MP camera on the front. Picture quality is impressive, with images showcasing elevated degrees of detail and adjusted brightness levels. You’re normally not getting the greatest pixel counts on the Galaxy S23 FE. However as we said previously, in this mid-range section it absolutely excels.

Samsung  Galaxy S23 FE Camera
Image Credit : Samsung Galaxy

Filmmakers can cheer, as well; it’s possible to record videos on. The Galaxy S23 FE at stunning 4K resolution with a 60FPS outline rate. Thanks to the AMOLED display and HDR support, everything about crystal clear in low-light and brilliant settings.


The Galaxy S23 FE’s increased size contrasted with different phones in the S23 range means more space for a bigger battery. The unit in question has a limit of 4500mAh, 600 mAh more than the base S23’s battery. This is a significant success for the S23 FE. Makes it an optimal decision of smartphone on the off chance that you travel regularly or appreciate long gaming sessions.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Battery
Image Credit: Samsung Galaxy

Charging speeds are also entirely respectable, with 25W wired charging on offer. 15W wireless charging is possible when joined with a charging cushion.  Giving you a lot of ways to keep the S23 FE squeezed up over the course of the day.


The allure of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE . The means by which it offers so large numbers of the range’s best features without burning through every last dollar. It occupies a sweet spot between the base model and premium handsets. Giving an extraordinary method for hopping into the S23 setup.

On the off chance that our Samsung Galaxy S23 FE survey has inspired you to get a handset for yourself or another. You’ll have to know how to get any old information across. Our step-by-step guide is available to assist you with doing this effortlessly.


What does the ‘FE’ stand for on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE?

‘FE’ stands for ‘fan release’. Given to a telephone has been designed in view of feedback. Where Samsung incorporates tweaks and adjustments to address trouble spots on different phones in the range.